Kicking the Monkey

10%.  That’s my goal – to reduce my annual HRIS by 10%.  Sure, I could just opt to let 10% of my staff go, but what’s that going to earn me – a short-term savings that will result in more problems than it solved.  I can’t just tell my ATS vendor that we’re not going to pay them, and I’m kinda stuck with SAP.  I don’t have any major projects that have enough pad to let me come in 10% under for the year either, so where on earth do I find my CIO’s money?

Remember those aisles?  It’s time to get creative and go shopping.  In the spirit with which I set forth in creating this blog, over several posts, I’m going to offer up some practical ways to save some money – some creative solutions to business problems that you may not have thought of.

Tip 1 – Get rid of your survey tool.  Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, etc. Most of us have used one at some point or maybe we still are.  We use them for things like Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Class Surveys, Exit Interviews, etc.  The list goes on and on.  But I ask you, do you really need one?  “Sure,” you say, “I could go back to paper and pencil, but I don’t want to manually enter all that data for thousands of employees.  I want to be able to email them the survey, let the employees take it online and then be able to report against the data.  I want to be able to track who has and who hasn’t taken them.”  I can understand and even sympathize, but I’m still going to suggest that it’s time to get the Monkey off your back without sacrificing your end results.

To explore this, consider what a survey it is.  It’s really nothing more than a test where the taker’s opinions are the answers.  A good LMS is a powerful tool, and even most bad ones will let you create tests that you can let users take.  Those tests could just as easily contain survey questions.  Once the survey is done, you’ll be able to slice and dice your data in any way you want.

But you want your respondents to be anonymous you say?  Does your LMS allow for non-registered users to take courses?  Most do, or at least will allow it though a guest account, so let them.  This will protect the anonymity of your respondents and still give you all the data you need.  If you want, you can even have a nice presentation on the value of completing the survey before you get to it.

Is this going to save you big bucks?  No, SurveyMonkey will give you an unlimited package for $200 a year, but this is just a teaser and as Ben Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

This idea was just a teaser for greater and larger ideas to come, so stay tuned!  Before it’s done, I’ll present ideas for saving hundreds of thousands!

What creative money-saving solutions have you envisioned?

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