Email Address: hrtrenches@gmail.com

HR Technology in the Trenches is written by a consultant turned practitioner with the intention of trying to broach some of the new challenges I encounter as I make that transition.  Before my current role as the Manager of HRIS and Corporate Systems for a Fortune 500 company in the telecommunications sector, I was able to gain 15 years worth of IT, HRIS and payroll experience.  Over the years, I worked with many challenging clients both in the public and private sector.  Some were as small as a handful of employees and some were well over 100,000 employees.  Some were local and some were global.  I had a lot of fun and enjoyed finding creative ways to merge technology, people and process.  I still do, it’s just in a different capacity now.

Each day, I encounter new challenges and opportunities.  I continue to serve as a consultant by working with my stakeholders here but also by working with other practitioners in other organizations.  I’m always looking for challenges and creative ways to leverage what we have to get the job done.  There is always more than one way to skin a cat as they say, and figuring out the many ways is half of the fun.

I invite you to read and enjoy as well as to contact me with your challenges.  Maybe together we can think of a new way to put the cat on the run.

Note:  My views are my own and do not reflect any official position of my employers, sponsors or wife.


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